How Armor Coat can protect your home from fading.

Problem: Will my vinyl siding color fade?
Traditionally, vinyl siding colors were limited to lighter colors because darker colors couldn't hold up to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This caused vinyl siding to fade over a rate of time.

Solution: A weatherable cap solution was put in place to protect and seal darker colors in their vinyl siding product.

Vinyl siding is composed of two layers: the substrate and the capstock, which is the surface exposed to the outside and formulated to be more weather resistant. The Armor Coat family of capstocks is formulated to proving excellent weathering properties, and a satin-low gloss finish. Armor Coat’s incredible durability means that your home’s colors will remain as rich and vibrant as the day they were applied. The best part, your vinyl siding will not peel, scrape or flake off - it NEVER needs painting.

  • Armor Coat UVA color collection utilizes a PVC/ASA blend for the capstock.
  • Armor Coat PLUS color collection utilizes an ASA capstock.
  • Armor Coat ADVANCE color collection utilizes a ASA; however an advance color mixture is used to assure the color holds.

What is ASA?
Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate capstock resin. A low-gloss acrylic copolymer resin used as a cap layer over other plastics offers advanced attributes, especially in areas where plastic building materials like vinyl are unable to meet all performance parameters on their own.