Saving energy is only half the story. 
Polaris Vinyl Siding featuring Neopor Thermal Insulation fills the gap behind
vinyl siding for improved durability, appearance, and more.
Available for UltraSide, WeatherTech and HomeView Vinyl Siding.

Polaris Vinyl Siding Featuring Neopor® Thermal Insulation


Neopor provides up to 20% more insulating value than standard EPS, allowing for more energy savings with the same amount of material.

Make your home more energy efficient with Neopor Thermal Insulation.
While vinyl siding offers many options to make your home more beautiful, adding contoured Neopor thermal insulation to the siding panel provides additional value and options that were never possible with traditional vinyl.
Neopor Thermal Insulation contains high-purity graphite particles which reflect radiant heat, significantly improving insulation capacity compared to traditional EPS insulation. Neopor wraps your home in an energy saving blanket of insulation, keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.

After Neopor

Thermal imaging reveals that the wall has turned a cool blue. Energy loss through studs and the top of the wall is no longer visible.


Thermal imaging reveals two energy leaks: yellow lines where energy escapes through studs, and red at the top of the wall where cavity insulation has settled over time.


Features & Benefits

  • Provides additional support to the siding panel, maintaining a perfectly straight appearance over time.
  • Eliminates waving, sagging, shifting and warping associated with traditional vinyl siding.
  • Significantly improves durability by eliminating the hollow void behind vinyl siding, serving as a shock absorber against impact.
  • Manages moisture with a permeability rating of up to 3.5, helping protect your home from mold and moisture damage.
  • Deters termite infestation with a built-in termite control agent.
  • Protected by transferable, Lifetime Limited Warranty, one of the strongest in the industry.


  • Dimensions = varies based on profile
  • R-value Range = 2.0-3.5 (varies based on profile)
  • Density = Minimum .90 lb/ft3
  • Water Vapor Permeanace = up to 3.5 (EPS), up to 5.0 (Neopor)
  • Compressive Strength = Minimum 10 PSI
  • Flexural Strength = Minimum 23.5 PSI (EPS), minimum 25 PSI (Neopor)