Polaris HomeView™ Vinyl Siding

Quality. Style. Performance.

Great style that will impress any home owner - and their neighbors!
Deep cedar wood grain emboss and low luster finish is standard for HomeView Vinyl Siding. A full spectrum color palette allows creativity either as a primary choice of color for an entire house, or strategically placed as an accent. Performance offers peace of mind with reinforced nail-hems and positive locking system. The enhanced thickness and strength ensures panels remain straight and true. Ensuring resistance to denting, hail damage and scratches.
Plus HomeView Vinyl Siding never needs painting!

Color Palette

Standard Colors

Premium Colors

Elite Colors

Coastal Colors


  • Double 4, 5
  • Dutchlap 4.5, 5

Features & Benefits

  • Thickness .042
  • Reinforced nail-hem withstands gale-force winds
  • Positive Locking System for ease of installation
  • Enhanced thickness & strength ensures panels remain straight & true
  • Resists dents, hail damage, scratches and fading
  • NAHB Green Approved Product
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Industry Standards

  • Polaris HomeView Vinyl Siding meets or exceeds all industry standards per ASTM D3679
  • Meets VSI Standards

Wind Rating

  • 193 m.p.h.


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Installation Guide

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Vinyl Siding, Soffits and Accessories Limited, Lifetime Warranty, 50 Year Transferable. Learn More >

Limited Lifetime Warranty Manufacturing Defects – Style Crest, Inc. warrants to you, the owner of a single family residence at the time the Products were installed, that the Products are free from defects in material and workmanship in the course of manufacture, if installed according to installation instructions www.vinylsiding.org.

Limited Fade Warranty – Style Crest, Inc. also warrants to you that for a limited period specified below, the Products will not excessively fade. “Excessive Fading” is more than normal weathering and is defined as a color change which is in excess of a Delta E of 4 Hunter units, as defined by ASTM D2244, and as determined by Style Crest®, Inc.

Limited Hail Damage Warranty – Style Crest, Inc. also provides you with a limited hail damage warranty, detailed below. This Warranty is limited to the terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations, requirements and legal rights stated in this Warranty.

Armor Coat

Our Armor Coat™ system protects the color against the sun’s intense rays, providing years of enjoyment. Learn More >


Neopor paired with Polaris HomeView .042 Vinyl Siding will wrap your home in an energy saving blanket of insulation, keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer.
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